Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Insatiable Appetite for Austin Food Trailers

Food trailers are one of many contemporary food trends and Austin, not surprisingly, is setting the pace with an impressive list of trailers, trucks, vans, and even double decker buses that offer delicious, affordable, and innovative food and drink. We've compiled a short list of some of the handiest guides to Austin food trailers. Check 'em out, but be sure to embark on an empty stomach:

Austin Food's Mobile Food Cart Trailer Map . Simple, straightforward, comprehensive. Our personal fave.

Austin Chronicle's "What's New on the Local Trailer Cuisine Scene?". A few months old, but still immensely helpful.

Dishola's Tastiest Trailer Fare list. Mouthwatering and specific.

Little Austinite's Trailer Restaurant list. Listed in alpha order and includes operating hours. Delish!'s Austin Trailer Restaurants search. Sure, I'll take a few reviews with my menu, thanks.

Tasting Touring's Tasty Up Trailer Tour. Also several months old, but worth the read. Great stories about each trailer and plenty of supplemental info.

Culture Map Houston's "Hit the Town with a Mother Clucker." A great out-of-town perspective by Joseph Campana.

Mobile Cravings' Austin Street Food list. Offers a picture of each food spot (very helpful) and menu suggestions.

And for the YouTube geeks out there, here's some fun footage from an Austin Food Trailer Crawl, and some additional footage of food carts, including Counter Culture, Sushi A-Go-Go, and ChiLantro. Many more videos available at

Bon Appetit!